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Facebook 0

1. What is, also known as, Facebook Zero? or is a lightweight, text-only (no photos) version of the standard Facebook mobile site It is always free for user to browse. (The mobile operator does not charge data to access this site). 

Key features include:
  • Ultra lightweight, faster mobile site
  • The site is text only so data usage is very low/ De site is op tekst gebasseerd dus lage data verbruik
  • Free browsing of the text-only site (Mobile operator does not charge the user for data access on text-only pages)
  • Viewing photos or external links is one click away. The user pays for data when viewing photos or external links. (Mobile operator charges the user for data access on pages with photos)
  • There is a clear note that the free browsing is sponsored by the mobile operator.
  • It’s easy to deploy (the mobile operator only needs to zero-rate 6 URLs)/ Makkelijk om aan te sluiten.

2. Which URLS do I need to access to make use of Facebook 0?

3. Can I use any type of cell phone to access Facebook 0? 
No, only GPRS cellp hones (Internet-activated) will be able to access Facebook 0

4. What will I be able to do using Facebook 0?
You will be able to view status updates, comment on posts, and view other comments. You will not be able to view images. There will be links that will ask you to direct to sites to be able to view images/pictures, for these sites data charges will apply. 

5. How much will the customer be charged for viewing photos and images?
The normal GPRS rates apply, meaning SRD5.10 p/mb. 

6. Can the customer play the Facebook Games?
No, that will not be possible.

7. Can the customer stay logged in or will the session time out?
Standard login procedure as Facebook applies.