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Digicel's Ringbacktones

This is a service that allows you the standard ring tone that your callers hear when they call you, can change. If someone calls your, the network will check if you've set a Ringback Tone. The person who hears your call this Ringback Tone recording until you or your voicemail.

Digicel's ringback tone service allows you to choose music to your show set out a list of various categories. Furthermore, you also have the following options:

  • Friends and Groups create
  • A Ringback Tone set at a desired time and date for individual phone numbers or an opportunity
  • Create albums
  • Ringback Tones send to friends (Gift tones)

Digicel's Ringback Tone can be activated in the following ways:

1. Via IVR by dialing 137 and following the instructions
2. Via SMS by sending the right keywords for 2444
3. By calling to follow the USSD code *138 # and follow the instructions

Once you have activated, you will receive a confirmation SMS with your password / PIN that you can use the IVR.

How do I activate?


1. Send SUB to 2444 to register for this service. After this you will receive an SMS with your four-digit PIN.
2. Send to CAT 2444 for the list of available categories. You will receive an SMS with a list of available categories and the IDs (eg DANCEHALL (125))
3. To view the ringback tones steering CAT <CAT ID> to 2444
                                 (for example to send CAT 125 2444)
4. If you want to immediately set a ringback tone send SET <RBT CODE> to 2444 (For example, send SET 750 to 2444 - Right now - Akon will then be activated as Ring Back Tone)

Below is a list of some of the available tones:

Ringback Tones 



  1. Call * 138 #
  2. To register to reply with one.

You will then receive an SMS containing your 4 digit PIN

  1. Call again to * 138 #
  2. To view a list of available categories reply with one.

You will receive a list of available categories, as shown below:



1. Top 20

2. New20





7. RNB




To browse to a desired category, then reply with the number that you see it. For example if you want to see the REGGAE category reply 6. After you receive a list of all available Ringback Tones in the REGGAE category. An example:



1. Crucial Times - sizzla

2. a man gallis - Buju Banton

3. More options

4. Show more


To view more show you reply with four.

Should for example "Crucial Times - sizzla" as a ringback tone than one reply and send. You ring back tone is set.


Through IVR

  1. Call 137 from your phone
  2. Follow the instructions and choose one if you want to register
  3. Choose one again to confirm

You come to the main menu.

  1. Choose one for the list of available categories
  2. If you want to listen to ring back tones in the category pick one, you want to choose the next category than two
  3. Want to listen to the next ring back tone choose 2
  4. To set the ring back tone choose one to confirm again choose one
  5. Your settings will be saved and your ring back tone is activated       

What does it cost? 

Monthly subscription

SRD 3.93

Price Ringback Tone

SRD 9.82